Traditional Houses

Old houses that take your memory back

House of Sheikh Isa bin Ali - Muharraq

A beautiful historical house characterized by an Islamic architectural historical style 

 with multiple rooms that express the royal life in the nineteenth century

Siyadi Houses -Muharraq

One of the Traditional houses in Bahrain, In fact its one of famous and largest pearl merchants in Bahrain

 which is distinguished by its distinctive geometric shape.

 It is in Muharraq, but it cannot be entered by visitors,

Overall, it surrounded by a beautiful area, you will enjoy walking around

Khalaf House

 Donated by the Khalaf family to  express the life in Bahrain moreover the pearl trade and its importance to Bahrain.

 A wonderful architecture in this era, architectural art and creativity in the design of rooms beside the halls

Bin Matar Art space

 In addition to Bahrain houses, this is owned and donated by the great Bahraini merchants in the pearl industry, and it contains information about his family and his career in trade. It is in Muharraq, where it also displays the beauty of Bahraini architecture  beside the splendor of design

Jamsheer House -Muharraq

Beautiful houses that highlight the architectural design and the scenic beauty in the design of the houses, as it makes you imagine the life in these houses as largest families in Bahrain

Al Jasra Handicrafts Center -Al Jasra

 A beautiful and simple site in the Jasra area that displays one of the houses of Sheikh Isa bin Salman, it has an old and simple design that includes the handicrafts of Bahrain


Shaikh Ebrahim bin Mohammed Al Khalifa Center for Culture & Research

Wonderful house with a beautiful heritage design. It includes many heritage activities that support the preservation of traditional houses, heritage sites, history and civilization. It includes more houses in the same neighbourhoods that you will enjoy visit it, including the following:


Bahraini writer house, who was one of the pioneers of Sheikh Ibrahim and has many writings as a result of meet with many intellectuals and writers, where the first Bahraini newspaper was published


Kurar House

 A house that includes a beautiful traditional craft, which is koorar sewing, which is practiced by the women of Bahrain, where specialists gather and sew beautiful dresses. The center helps you to see, learn and practice this craft.


House of Coffee

Here, you can rest, enjoy a coffee, enjoy the historical character, and contemplate the beauty of beautiful historical designs



  Home of the Bahraini poet, who was distinguished by his beautiful poetry. In this centre, poets gather and read poetry



hd wallpaper, nature wallpaper, leaf-1001679.jpg


  First vertical garden in the city that expresses to us a beautiful gate containing beautiful plants that live in the atmosphere of Bahrain


wall, stone wall, brick wall-1475318.jpg

A place where wood was processed for the manufacture of ships and contains the front of shops and a sea front


Here it is possible to rest and try snacks under a beautiful traditional architecture


You can see the developments that have taken place through drawings and architectural maps, where many activities are held in this place



The house belong to the Gazi alqassaibi

Best Historical experience

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