Historic places

Historical places are beautiful and ancient places, they are full of memories of the past in Bahrain

Tree of life -Sakhir

 This tree is considered one of the wonders found in desert of Bahrain, where this tree lived alone, cut off from everything over the years for nearly 400 years, which Scientists wondered about its existence and the reason for its existence for this period, as Historical places nice to visit in Bahrain  

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مسجد الفاتح

Al-Fateh Mosque - Manama

One of the largest mosques in Bahrain, and it includes 7000 worshipers, as it is distinguished by its beautiful design and great position among citizens and residents

Al-Khamis Mosque is a small archaeological site. It is one of the oldest mosques in the Arab world.

 It embodies the mosques of this era, as it was built during the reign of the Umayyad Caliph Omar bin Abdul Aziz.

مسجد الخميس

Barbar Tample- Barbar

They are rock artifacts for antiquities lovers that bring back to you the past and its Dilmun civilization 3000 years ago

Sar settlement, Sar

This settlement is one of a series of beautiful monuments in Bahrain, which is located in Saar, as it is considered distinct because it is unique in the Gulf level, as it was designed in this era and has another name, which is the interlocking graves

مستوطنة سار

Al Hidaya Al Kalifia School

 first historical school in Bahrain that established the educated people of Bahrain and many generations have graduated from it

History and Civilization

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