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Kalifa al Kubra Gardens -Riffa

  One of the largest green parks in Bahrain. The park is in Riffa.

  beautiful green spaces contain playground  for children to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere and relaxing  from the crowds in the area, the entry is for a simple fees

Dohat Arad


One of the most beautiful gardens in Bahrain, it is in Arad. It is a reserve for marine creatures surrounded by green areas, a walkway, games for children, beside popular restaurant and a mosque. you will Enjoy in the life of nature and simplicity 


Adhari park

 A beautiful park divided between green spaces, outdoor games moreover indoor games in an air-conditioned hall that suits the summer weather


There is a hall for restaurants but currently there is one restaurant, Sometimes the park hosts seasonal events and shows 


prince Kalifa Park -Manama



Under the bridge in Manama that’s leading to Muharraq, where it is distinguished by its beautiful view of the sea beside the wide green areas.


It contains a tower from which you can enjoy a wonderful view of the area from the top, also there are some movement games for children, a center for electric coupled with marine games.

Also, there are some restaurants, and you can rent a bike for adults and children

Muharrq Al Kubra Garden

 A beautiful and new garden that contains beautiful sessions in the middle of green areas, while enjoying beautiful and varied games for children

Water garden


 A garden currently under construction, and it will be a distinctive garden with green spaces, children’s games and shaded Places for families


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Coral Beach

 located in Manama, affiliated to the C Hotel, inside Al-Fateh Corniche. Entry is paid to it, but it is beautiful views 

Marasi al Bahrain beach

   New beach in Muharraq, and it contains beautiful and large water games and some facilities ,you can enjoy as a family away from the crowds. The beaches and entry with fees  per person.

A beautiful and new beach that gives you a wonderful and unique experience of fun in the atmosphere of the sea and its activities in a youthful atmosphere, and it is one of the most beautiful entertainment places in Bahrain



Beautiful Family Sea Newly Renovated, Entry with fees ( you can use the amount in side) ,  Beautiful And Relaxing Experience with variety of wonderful restaurants.


King Faisal Corniche


  beautiful Seaview and enjoyable and  charming view , a wonderful atmosphere, with a free play area, and on the opposite side is the child’s kingdom outdoor play area

Al quose Corniche

It enjoys a picturesque view between Muharraq and Manama and contains a simple play area for children

Al Busiteen Cornich


A long walkway on the sea makes you enjoy walking for a long space while enjoying the sea view

Dry Dock beach


small and special beach located in the dry dock area

AL Fateh Corniche

located in Manama area  near the Al-Fateh Mosque. It has various activities overlooking the sea

Karbabad beach

A beach with small views, but there are many activities held on it by the people of the area, and there are various games and foods

There are complexes visited unforgettable!

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