Tourist Places

Bahrain has many tourist sites that you should visit, 

which will add joy and pleasure to  your trip beside a lot of interesting experiences 

Don't miss the chance

Do not let the time pass without visiting the various tourist places in Bahrain,
which will reveal to you many beautiful adventures and surprises

Bab Al Bahrain-Manama

A great importance Place for Bahraini citizents

Where it has undergone many changes as a tourist site with time  beside many developments   

also therse is  many tourist activities are launched from this place , also you will find Manama Souq behind it 

Block 388 -Manama

One of the most beautiful neighborhoods and streets in Bahrain

 where the area is characterized by beautiful buildings and a sophisticated neighborhood that

 includes many beautiful restaurants, art galleries and cafes located in the Adliya area

where you can enjoy   by walking between  corridors on foot, it is one of the beautiful tourist places

Gravity -Zallaq

This center is in Zallaq area, where a unique experience of flying in the air for you and your children 

you will enjoy the lightness and the beautiful adventure


This area is surrounded by a group of beautiful restaurants and cafes

Bahrain International Ciruit

  a special event that has become in Bahrain, taking it to another level

 where excellence and beauty in the design of the racetrack and the magic in its championships, races and organization


Al Areen Wildlife Park Reserve

beautiful reserve in Bahrain that contains rare wild animals in Bahrain and abroad, 

where you have fun in the scenes through a trip on the reserve’s bus and enjoy the landscapes

Lost Paradise -Zallaq

large water park that includes many beautiful water games 

where fun and adventure where you can spend a whole day to enjoy it 

be side that contains a restaurant, special accommodations and a shop to buy the appropriate equipment and clothes

Camal Farm-Aljanbia


 when you go there you will enjoy  the huge number of camels in this farm, It is fascinated by roaming around and enjoying petting camels, riding them, and roaming around them. 

Royal Golf Club - Riffa

This club gives you a luxurious experience in practicing golf

beside shopping in the holdings of this beautiful sport in a well-groomed and comfortable place in all accompanying this sport and enjoying in the view of the club

while you drink coffee in the cafe


Dolphin Resort- Manama

A park that includes a small center for dolphin, water lion and water cat shows. 

It is located on the Corniche Marine Club and near a cafe overlooking the sea.

Water Garden City -Manama

One of the new tourist places in Bahrain is a beautiful frontage overlooking the sea to enjoy the view

where you can enjoy different and beautiful restaurants and cafes, and their distinctive and wonderful views, 

also a new food experience with a center for sea tours in the boat

Fun Land- Manama

  center that includes a hall for fans of bowling and a hall for ice skating

It is a nice experience for fans of this type of sport

Hawar Island


The famous Hawar Island is a beautiful, integrated trip that expresses Bahrain’s history and present

as it enjoys a beautiful cruise to stay and enjoy the sea and the island’s facilities.


It contains a beautiful wildlife and marine activities for adults and children. 

The marine activities are not limited to the sea, but the hotel includes facilities, 

a swimming pool and beautiful water games, especially the beautiful dining experience there.

beach, sand, ocean-2879929.jpg

Al Dar Isaland

For lovers of the sun and the sea, this trip for a while takes you to a small,

 isolated island to enjoy the calm, sun and sea in the small island of Dar, which contains a small cafe, huts and chairs to listen to the sea and sun,

 practice water sports and some games for children

The Lagon- Muharraq

It is a complex surrounding an artificial lake that contains restaurants, 

cafes, a water play area for children and a bike rental area. It’s in Amwaj Island

Aquarium Dilmunia Complex - Muharraq

It is the first cylindrical aquarium that includes, 

in a masterpiece, thousands of marine creatures, spread over three floors of the complex

Bahrain Bay - Manama

  a sophisticated neighborhood that includes all the picturesque scenery,

 various events, restaurants and high-end cafes, where you can listen to a walking tour or rent a scooter to enjoy the views overlooking the sea.

Al Khalifay Library

The library is a beautiful historical cultural edifice that expresses the rich history of Bahrain

metal, vessels, decoration-4792167.jpg

Heritage Village - Arad

The heritage village is located in Arad, 

where you can go back in time to live the authentic Bahraini heritage and 

to summrized  the experience living in it for pleasure and experience some handicrafts in it

Lulu path - Muharraq

A beautiful site in Muharraq that tells many stories of ancient Bahrain 

avaluable information about the beautiful past of Bahrain