History and civilization of Bahrain in details, do not miss the opportunity to visit it

Bahrain National Museum

Located on an artificial island in Manama, you will express the beautiful history of Bahrain and what Bahrain has experienced throughout the ages.
The museum is present seasonal show in dedicated hall, also There is a nice souvenir shop,
indeed you will enjoy in the coffee shop there

Military Museus

Museum located in Riffa and display Bahrain’s military history, heritage, achievements, beside contemporary development

Oil Museum

  located in the Sakhir area. small but full of Bahrain history in the field of oil industry. It contains ancient and various antiquities. It is located next to the first well in which oil was discovered in Bahrain.

pump jack, oilfield, oil-848300.jpg

Rashid Al Arifi Museum - Muharraq

If you are a fan of art and painting, you can visit this museum and enjoy the history of the most important Bahraini artist with a long history in art in Bahrain.