Bahrain Souqs

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Bahrain souqs

Are you looking for Souqs inare many different Souqs in Bahrain that give you a beautiful and enjoyable experience by walking around and getting all kinds of goods at various suitable prices. Check out the many Souqs in Bahrain here

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Muharraq Souq -Muharraq



  A store that extends along two main streets, where it contains various shops of clothes, accessories and food stores, the most famous of which are sweets and Bahraini matai.


But you must try it from the shops that offer it for free with Arabic coffee to give you the Bahraini experience


Wonderful  experience for walking, shopping and tasting, and do not forget to walk in the corridors between the shops, you will find suitable goods and prices



Souq Al-Qaisariya


It is in the middle of the Muharraq Souq, which has a beautiful traditional character that gives you a unique experience in shopping between the past and the present

 especially if the shopping by walking from beginning of the street to its end, you will experience all kinds of enjoymen

Manama Souq-Manama


 Market extending from Bab Al Bahrain in Manama, and it is one of the best and popular markets in Bahrain,

 As it contains many shops and multiple lanes containing all kinds of  goods from clothes, electronics, toys, shoes, bags, accessories, Special   famous spices and nuts, furthermore is known by its good prices, and among them there are also many and varied gold shops With beautiful gold design, also there is a market along this street that sells wholesale  

Gold Souq-Manama



In center of Manama city you will find it,  contains a large variety of the most beautiful and the latest designs of gold

This is the Magnificence jewelers from Bahraini gold and others for all tastes at different prices

Souq Al-Bareh


A new market located in Diyar Al Muharraq, design by a beautiful modern and popular character, characterized by its beautiful design and featured sections

  It contains all the facilities to make your shopping trip enjoyable, But not all stores are open yet



Traditional market - Isa Town

 A popular market contains a variety of shops of popular clothes, furniture and  

Also a collection of traditional consumer foods, spices, various, nuts, and incense.

souq wagaif -Hamad Town

Large area dedicated for many and varied shops

It contains all kinds of goods such as clothes, furniture, restaurants and many others, but separate stores