Complexes in Bahrain are beautiful and varying, taking you to an amazing shopping and unique experience  

City Center-Manama

One of the largest complexes in Bahrain and contains three floors with all kinds of shops in addition to restaurants, cafes, games area, cinema, banks beside pharmacies

The Avenuse - Manama


One of the most beautiful, elegant complexes in Bahrain.  

 It contains multiple shops, restaurants and Seaview cafes.

 It is characterized by its picturesque view and wonderful outdoor seating areas. It also contains a cinema and games area.

Moda Mall- Manama

located in Manama and is one of the most elegant complexes that contains shops of the largest famous international brands and a group of luxury restaurants and cafes

Seef Mall

Seef Mall has 3 branches in Arad / Seef – Manama / Isa Town


Isa Town Branch


It is a simple branch that contains multiple stores, the visitors are often from neighboring areas


Seef District Branch


It is one of its largest branches and contains many shops of all levels and types, and contains a cinema, games area, restaurants and cafes


Arad Branch


It contains various shops, a game area and restaurants, wonderful sea views  

Atrium -Al janbia

A new and unique complex , it contains a few shops.

it is large and varied, and also including  a supermarket and cinema for adults and children, also one of the largest area for various games infact its contains a beautiful outdoor space that beside a large beautiful fountain with indoor and outdoor restaurants
The complexes in Bahrain are beautiful and varying, taking you to an amazing shopping and unique experience  

Bahrain Mall- Manama

A quiet and simple complex, one of the old complexes in Bahrain,

which contains a few shops, a large supermarket, a game area, restaurants and cafes.

Dragon City -Muharraq

It is one of the largest complexes in Bahrain.

It contains many shops in all fields, especially household necessities.

Also contains goods from China and Bahrain beside the reaturants and cafes.

Thai Market -Muharraq

 A complex opposite the Chinese Dragon Complex  contains Thai products, also you will find goods and Thai food

Wadi Al Sail -Riffa


It contains many shops and Supermarket


Saar Mall -Saar

complex located in the middle of neighborhoods and contains restaurants, a games area and a small number of shops, also contains a small aquarium in the restaurants area 

Yatem Center -Manama

One of the oldest complexes in Bahrain, located near of Bab Al Bahrain area.

It contains modest and simple shops 

Country Mall -Budaiya

 Simple complex that is mostly visited by locals. There are some small shops, a supermarket and a children’s play center

Dilmunia Mall-Muharraq

 Complex is in Muharraq. It is a new complex with a beautiful design, in which the shops are not completed, 

but it contains the largest aquarium and contains a beautiful dancing fountain and contains a play area, including a ski and climbing

Enma Mall - Riffa

Complex that contains multiple shops, a game area, restaurants and a large supermarket

Oasis Mall

3 Branches

Muharraq: contains restaurants, shops, and a game area


Juffair:  largest branch and contains shops, restaurants, large gaming area and a cinema


Riffa: contains shops, a game area and fast-food restaurants, and it is considered the smallest of them

Al Dana MAll - Manama

Complex under renovation in Manama and contains a large supermarket currently and new play area

Al Aali MAll

One of the classy complexes in Bahrain that contains the most famous international and local brands,

also included cafes and restaurants with Nice outdoor seating for distinctive restaurants, in additional contains a play area inside the complex 

Jawad Dome-Barbar

 A complex far from the traffics and few visitors, quiet and with a supermarket, small cafes, restaurants, beside simple game area   

Al Hayat -Manama

  Contains a  play area for children, some shops, restaurants and simple cafes   

Ramli Mall -Al 'Ali

 Including various shops, a large supermarket and a large play area

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