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Indeed visiting Bahrain significantly interesting,  you will find excellence beside diversity. Moreover you will be surprised by openness, hospitality and beauty.



 Above all you will enjoy the beautiful tourist places, historical and archaeological Areas


overall Bahrain satisfies all different level. For instance, entertainment, adventure, shopping, art and culture etc. visitors coming from all different countries 

Enjoy yourVacation r

surely an unique experience that you will enjoy it when you visit different places in Bahrain and visit different beautiful area.


Mostly You will experience the summer in Bahrain, so when it is relatively long and hot.

otherwise you will enjoy In winter, by walking around outdoor markets and cafes with beautiful sea views. important to realize that the spring and autumn are short, moreover its between the seasons

Important to realize spring and autumn short, moreover its between the seasons

Therefore temperature is high particularly from April to October, In general fun will be for summer beach programs.

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While main language is Arabic, overall local language what Bahraini usually use it. On the other hands you will find the most people speak English as second language.

Because of Bahrain’s diversity and openness that’s make foreign groups speaks Hindi, Persian and Pakistani

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Presently Most of the ministries and state institutions work all days of the week, except Friday & Saturday its a public holiday.

In general, from 7:00 morning until 2:00 evening. Overall times changes according to the place


Bahraini dinar is currency of Bahrain, beside that currency Saudi riyals are accepted.

while some places, such as supermarkets, accept Gulf currencies or the dollar. In other hands Money exchange available in malls beside some markets, but not all

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Bahrain International Airport the only Airport. But In tourism, often depends on taxis in the most visited places or on demand.

while residents rely on public transport network buses


Below there are three telecom companies in Bahrain:

Bahrain Telecommunications
STC Company

Zain Company